7 Types of Nail Guns that you Need to Know

framing nailer reviews

While giving the finishing to a certain wood furniture, you have often seen the carpenters that they use a piston looking device to drive the nails right in between the thick wooden material. This machine is called a “framing nailer”.

The main work of a framing nailer is to drag the nails right in the middle of the joints of the wooden furniture. As per the framing nailer reviews, this is done as to provide the wood an extra strength rate.

framing nailer reviews
framing nailer reviews

So, do you know about the various nailer’s types? If not then, you are in the right place to know about it all. Here in the following article, I will tell you about seven different genera’s of framing nailers. Have a look at the underwritten points –

  • Brad nailers – if you want a device to perform trim work in a professional way, then this framing nailer is for you.it functions as a downsize finishing nailer, where the driving of the nail is done in a smoother way.
  • Coil nailers – it works by holding more fasteners per load. It is a heavy duty device and an ideal tool for the serious professionals. From shingling to framing, it performs all day jobs related to the driving process.
  • Finishing nailers – this kind of tool is specially used for utilizing the thin strips of finishing nails. The angled tools which come with them are very easy and hand able to use at the corners and the tight spaces. They are very widely used for performing works related to door casing and crown molding.
  • Headless pinners – if you want a device for performing some soft trim works, then this could be a better option for you. Captivated with the small gauge fasteners, these pinners function creating very small entry holes.
  • Palm nailers – either you want to work between the wall studs, or ceiling joists, through these pistol guns, you are on everywhere. These guns are small that they fit in the palm of your hand and can be operated.
  • Staplers – these are designed for the thin fabric materials. These devices come with the narrow crown staple, which works smoothly on the fabrics without damaging them.
  • Stick nailers – for framing and other construction works, one uses stick nailer’s kind of devices. They are less weight and easy to handle as well.

Here were the seven different types of framing nailers you should be knowing of.