Which is Better: Silver Plate Cutlery Sets or Stainless Steel Cutlery Sets?

Cutlery sets

Sterling silver or silver plated flatware and cutlery sets have always been the first choice for many years when it comes to setup a graceful dining table. Most folks get their fine-dining items at that time of the wedding or through a bequest from the family member. Those sterling or silver plate cutlery sets could be/are very stunning, but besides being costly, you’ve to clean them time to time in order to protect them from getting tarnished.

When I was a small kid, my mom used her Roger’s silver plate cutlery sets of eight, which was a wedding present. All of the spoons, knives, and forks have to be polished because when not in use they get all blackened. I recall, after a particular age, taking a piece of cloth and the silver polish and running over the cutlery sets, so that the Rogers could all be sparkling at dinnertime.

Cutlery sets
Cutlery sets

Many years later, when I started hosting the dinner party for my relatives and friends, the thought of getting a right set of flatware and cutlery is very important. Being a very busy person, and never having time for proper cleaning of flatware, thus instead of seeking for sterling silver or silver plate cutlery sets (and today sterling is pretty much costly) I like to go for top quality finished stainless steel cutlery and flatware sets.

Before making any type of purchase I thoroughly studied the models; I checked out several retail shops that offer flatware and cutlery sets in my own region as well as going down to Manchester to look what all things they can provide.

I’m a person who loves to self-educate, and so I asked myself many questions, the same questions again and again, in all places I went, to determine if other people offered me exactly the same or different reactions and if I find any similarities in their answers, I will get more prone to actually believe the things they say.

Stainless flatware is available in three numeric groups: 18/8, 18/10 and 18-0. The 18/10 category has the absolute most shine and toughness, while 18/0 has got the least sparkle, 0% nickel content, comes with a cheap price and is susceptible to staining.

Stainless steel flatware (composition ratio: 18/10) may tarnish a little. Usually, it occurs when a person washes his/her flatware using a dish washing soap with lemon as its base. The lemon’s citric acid greatly affects the stainless steel. If you see the beauty of your stainless steel cutlery sets is going down a bit, then polish it with a top quality stainless steel polish designed for flatware, and stop using lemon dish washing soap or any kind of acidic dish washing liquid.

Top quality, as well as daily eating utensils, must certainly be stored in compartments with some type of divider between them. Cutlery like-sized forks, knives, and spoons one along with another, and try to put knives so their sharp blades don’t rub up/ bump against each other that could cause the scratch.