6 Steps for Meditation

Meditating brings a very good reaction in your body by making your body calm and quiet. This method has helped a lot of people to get themselves hyperactive and energetic in the world riddled with a lot of stress.  The only way where this meditation will succeed is by finding right place which is very quiet and perfect without any distractions surrounding.

To make sure that this meditation technique works marvels for you, try to set a particular channel in your mind so that you can be sure about what is best for you. There is another type of meditation which is also called as Mantra Meditation as well, which is helpful for those who prefer to practice meditation with the help of the mantra they are used to.

Steps For Meditaion
Steps For Meditaion

There are various steps which will give you techniques on how to meditate at home:

  1. Keep your own Mantra as a calling card for meditation, this method will help you in attaining the maximum amount of concentration which is utterly needed for you. There are some people who prefer to use ‘Peace’ & ‘Love’ in their meditation or some of them prefer using the ‘Om’ or ‘Hummmm’ while breathing which gives them a lot of concentration while meditating. But I prefer using the ‘hmmm’ mantra because it helps me to dispel various thoughts out of my mind.
  1. Follow this practice in a quiet room and make sure that you are not surrounded by any electronic items like mobile phone, laptop etc. Which can hamper your concentration with its electronic waves. Do meditation in a completely enclosed place of your house which has no distractions of anything whatsoever. Most importantly sit straight and incline your back to the wall and sit in your most comfortable posture either in the chair or sitting on the floor itself.
  1. The best way to follow this is by keeping your eyes closed slowly and feel your inner part of your body going in a really calm mode while taking breaths at regular intervals of time. After a few breaths continue breathing the same way without moving your lips and your tongue.
  1. There are certain chances where you end up getting distracted real quickly and you open your eyes as well. But that’s normal to all of us, even I underwent the same thing when I was meditating and I got distracted by a phone call. But don’t worry, once these thoughts start bothering you try to repeat your mantra once again and please stay calm, you are going to be ok once you are reciting the mantra while meditating.
  1. While meditating, it is important to make sure that you don’t say the mantra loudly and move your lips as well while reciting the mantra. The most important tip to handle this problem is by reciting the mantra in your mind and keep yourself calm.
  1. After 20 to 30 minutes, stop repeating the mantra and make sure that you have a timer activated to keep you alerted about the meditation process and keep the tone of the timer in a very low volume tone as we don’t want you to get perturbed by the tone of the alarm.

Meditation is necessary for the present Lifestyle, everyone should try it.