What are the Main Features of Condenser Mic?

What Are the Main Features of Condenser Mic?

The use of Microphone has been increasing tremendously only because of its features. The main difference between the Dynamic & Condenser Microphone is of transducer principles. And it has nothing related to the microphones directional characteristics. Both of the mics have a membrane that trembles according to the movement of the air that produces sound. The microphone then converts the membrane movement from acoustical energy into the electrical energy.

It has been noticed that dynamic mics are more powerful than the condensers. But still few people prefer to use condensers due to their satisfaction level. The condenser mic has a huge variety that varies from mic to mic. One of the condenser mics has 4 polar patterns. The stereo mode of this mic mainly focused on capturing real and general sound that satisfies most of the user. It offers different directional sound effect – Omni-directional, Bidirectional and Unidirectional mics.

How does the Condenser Microphone work?

The condenser mic has a capacitor which has 2 plates and voltage flows between them. One of the steel plates is made up of very light material that acts as the diaphragm. When the sound waves struck the diaphragm, it changes the distance between the two plates which changes the capacities. And when the plates come closer together, the capacitance upsurges which charges the current. A voltage is a must that helps the capacitor to work. The voltage can be supplied by any of the ways – either by a battery or by any of the external power.

What Are the Main Features of Condenser Mic?
What Are the Main Features of Condenser Mic?

When to use a Condenser?

You must be worrying when to use the condenser that can provide you the best results. Firstly you must select the best condenser mic for getting the best results. At preamp, less gain is needed but requires a voltage to work. You can use phantom power for your microphone. The voltage charges the metal plate which finally generates sound through the electric current. And the current is actually known as the audio signal.

You first need to get the full details of the condenser and thereafter you can go for using the condenser. If you go through the frequency chart, then you will find that the condenser mic has high-frequency level which is suitable for various recording purpose.

If you are really looking for purchasing a mic, then it is better to purchase from the online shopping sites. The prices offered by them are generally less than that of the normal retailers.